We came in on Monday morning to something very strange! It appeared something had crashed in our playground and there were pants EVERYWHERE. We had an emergency school meeting and figured out that Aliens had been stealing pants and then had a malfunction in their underpants storage unit which meant they ended up all around our school! Year 1 have been busy trying to figure out what to do. We designed our own ‘fake’ pants to entice the aliens and wrote adverts in literacy to promote our pants. With some help from Professor Jim and the fantastic ideas of the Owls and Goldfinches, we solved our alien and pants problem by Friday. Phew! However, this strange event did mean we got to do some fantastic learning, we made our own play dough aliens, used algorithms and beebots to retrieve the pants and even played with some alien slime!  IMG_0157IMG_0154IMG_0156IMG_0217IMG_0214IMG_0224IMG_0189IMG_0173IMG_01781IMG_0235IMG_0238IMG_0239IMG_0240