What a week we have had in Year 2!


When we came back from Half Term, we were so surprised to see…PANT EVERYWHERE! Lots of us had different ideas about who could’ve put them there.

Later in the morning, while we were doing Maths, we were interrupted by Year R who were shouted that there had been a FIRE on the field! Without a thought, we rushed out of the classroom to see what the fuss was about. We couldn’t believe our eyes…there, in front of us, was: purple slime, tyres, metal, silver eggs/rocks and a fire. We were sure that there had been a crash…maybe aliens?!

We had to write an email to Mrs Darch to let her know. The next day, we had an email back from her to send us to investigate who we thought could have caused the crash and putting the PANTS everywhere! So we took our clipboards and talked about what evidence we had to tell us who it might have been…was it aliens? Pirates? Dinosaurs? We wrote back to her straight away!

To our surprise, during singing assembly we had a message from an alien explaining they had lost their pants and could we help them. We all agreed that we would definitely help! At last we knew who it was!