What a busy 4 weeks we have already had in Year 2!


We have settled in brilliantly and taken on being in the oldest in the school very well! We are enjoying all the roles and responsibilities that being in Year 2 brings such as being Playtime Leaders, setting up Well Done assemblies and being ‘Buddies’ on the playground.


Some of our highlights so far have included…


We have been joining! We are now learning to join letters and some red words! If possible, please continue to practise the words we have learned in school at home!


We had a visit from a vet nurse. We loved listening to Mrs Clayton-Hart telling us all about her job as a vet nurse and her role in our local community. We were able to ask her lots of questions about what happens when a pet is poorly and how she helps to make them feel better.


We kicked off our Explorers topic by having a World Records Day! We were able to use our knowledge about the continents to locate where some of the current world records were held…and then had a go at trying to beat them! We loved seeing how far we could blow a pea across the floor, we had a fantastic time arranging alphabetti spaghetti in alphabetical order, we had a go at how many star jumps we could do in a minute and so much more!



In Art, we have been mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. We then experimented with changing the shade of a colour by adding white and black. We looked at the work of Kandinsky and were inspired by his famous ‘Circles’ artwork. We were able to use all the skills we had learned and applied them to make our own ‘Circles’ artwork which is now on display in the corridor.

In Dance, we have been thinking about pirates who might explore the world and its five oceans. We have come up with a class dance, using turns, jumps and levels to create a spectacular dance which we can’t wait to show you during our assemblies next week!

In RE, we have been thinking about our own special places and why they are special to us. We used this to think about other people’s special places, including Christians whose special place might be a church. We were invited to St Anne’s church and were able to ask Rev Sally all about her church and why it might be special to her and other Christians.


In Computing, we have used all of our knowledge about our world to create an information leaflet on Purple Mash. Ask us to show you at home using our Purple Mash logins.

In Writing, we have been exploring our world through drama. We described what we could see/hear/feel on our imagined adventure and created an adventure poem full of expanded noun phrases, alliteration and similes! This week in Writing, we are pretending to be David Attenborough and we are writing a narration to go with a video clip all about penguins! Ask us all about it because we are loving it!