Today year 2 were taken back to 2nd September 1666 where a careless baker had left his oven on in Pudding Lane. Mr Osborne ran into our year 2 classroom to tell us that the fire was spreading quickly!

We ran outside to see flames engulfing the Tudor houses and the wind was spreading the fire before our eyes! We tried to help, passing cups of water to put out the flames but it took so long and the wind was making it worse. It didn’t help that the houses were so dry and there was no fire brigade to call to help us.

Eventually, we put the fire out together – being Bert Bees! We talked about how different life is now and the changes that have come from the Great Fire of London. ask us to tell you some of them.

It was an experience that Year 2 won’t forget for a while. What a start to our new topic!