What a surprise we had when we came back to school! We were busy in handwriting when suddenly Year R burst in to tell us that they had found huge, white footsteps in the woods! The whole school had to rush to an emergency meeting where we looked at who the footsteps might belong to. We quickly realised that the footprints must belong to…THE GRUFFALO!

Julie also brought in a letter to from The Gruffalo which said how sad he was because all the animals he lived with were unkind to him and that he was looking for a new home.

Year 2 decided to cheer him up by rewiting the Gruffalo story but with a new Gruffalo and different characters. We used expanded noun phrases, alliteration and similes to describe these new characters.

Later in the afternoon, we thought we would make the woodland a nice place to live by decorating the woods with clay ‘Tree Gruffalos’ which were made using materials we had found outside. Have a look at our pictures.

We hope the Gruffalo likes it!



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