Linking to our Great Fire of London topic, we discussed what might be sold in a bakery. We listed all the cakes and bread that can be found, which then lead us onto savoury snacks. We talked about ‘savoury’ and what that meant before we talked about something that we all love to eat…PIZZA!


The children were so excited to find out that we would be designing and making our own pizzas!


First, we talked about what makes us want to eat a pizza: what it looks and tastes like. From this, we came up with a success criteria for a really good pizza: the shape, the toppings, the base and if it was healthy.


We really thought about what our pizza would be like and then drew up our plan and list of ingredients we would need.


After breaktime, we started to make them! We carefully shaped the base and chose our toppings. There were lots of wonderful patterns and designs on all of them! The children couldn’t wait to bake and finally taste their pizza!


Once we have tasted them, we are going to evaluate our pizza – thinking about our success criteria from before. We will decide what we liked and what we might do next time to make it even better!