What a great day we have had today!

Despite the cold, we managed to have a very exciting time learning all about animals in their habitats. We took part in lots of great activities such looking for mini-beasts in the forest. We also had to identify what they were by focussing on the amount of legs they had.

We had so much fun pretending to be moles and using our sense of touch to guide us through the woods. We also had the opportunity to be badgers and smelt a certain scent. We then had to try and identify which ones belonged to our family (sett).

As well as this we had great fun moving through a rabbit hole and listening to bird songs…we were great at identifying who it belonged to!

We were really kind and made a warm home for a dormouse by collecting leaves and twigs. It turns out, dry leaves were the best insulator!

We won’t forget today in a hurry!